Some of your Questions:

Superior Paving Corporation is one of Northern Virginia’s premier paving and asphalt mix supply companies. Established in 1976, our family-owned company is renowned for its large-scale paving projects for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and other area developers.

The following is a list of FAQs we receive about our business, the asphalt industry and major road projects we have underway around the area:

Does Superior Paving Corp. accept credit cards?
We don’t, but there are other options. You may bring a check or cash to our plant for your daily purchases, or you can apply for a credit account.
What is the current price of your F.O.B. asphalt?
You can get the answer to this question by calling the plant that you expect to use to pick up your asphalt. You can also send an email to [email protected] and request to be added to our pricing notifications contact list. Whenever we make a change to the prices, we will email you a notification with new pricing by plant and by asphalt mix.
Does Superior Paving Corp. pave residential driveways?
No. Our equipment is designed for larger-scale operations.
How do you decide what time of the day to pave highways?
Superior Paving Corp. works with VDOT to determine the best time, factoring in homeowner noise disturbance, traffic volumes and public and employee safety.
Are there different types of asphalt?
Yes. Asphalt material is produced using a mix design specific to the location it will be placed.