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Our Locations

Superior Paving Corp. has offices and plants throughout the Northern Virginia area. Because mix must be delivered hot or warm, we have considered traffic, distance, availability of stone, and other factors in the strategic locations of our plants. Click here to view FOB pricing.

F.O.B. Contacts

Kelly Cordle
Manager, F.O.B. Sales
(571) 641-0166 /

Mark Painter
General Manager, Asphalt Plants
(571) 641-0170 /

Plant Facilities Locations

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Bull Run Plant
27608 Gum Spring Road
Chantilly, VA 20152
Phone: (571) 284-5361

Green is Our Color

At Superior Paving Corp., we strive for integrity, honesty, respect and concern for our employees. We are also deeply committed to using green practices, technologies and materials. Our forest green trucks and paving equipment symbolize our pledge to conduct business with minimal impact to our planet. We maintain an aggressive recycling program and constantly investigate and test new asphalt mix designs and application technologies that are better for the environment.

Recycled Asphalt

Superior Paving Corp. is committed to reclaiming as much used asphalt as possible. When it’s time to replace the asphalt on a paved roadway, we mill the old surface and grind the pavement back into crushed stone. With the addition of a little fresh tar, the material is laid down again as new roadway. There is no limit to the number of times asphalt roadway materials can be recycled. Superior Paving Corp. prevents hundreds of thousands of tons of debris from entering landfills with our robust recycling program. 

Warm Mix Technology

One of the asphalt industry’s more recent and environmentally friendly technologies is the use of warm-mix asphalt in paving. Traditional hot-mix asphalt mixtures require a great deal of fuel consumption and increase the production of greenhouse gases. Modern warm-mix asphalt is just as effective and allows us to pave at lower temperatures – a reduction between 50 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm-mix asphalt is an award-winning innovation in construction, and in addition to the ability to pave at lower temperatures includes benefits like better paving compaction and the potential to recycle at higher rates.