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In 1976, while America was celebrating its bicentennial, Bob Surface and Bart Mitchell were talking about an exciting idea – owning their own asphalt company in Northern Virginia. Surface had been working for another paving company and decided he wanted to create his own business. He shared his idea with Mitchell, whose business was supplying paving companies with liquid asphalt to manufacture hot mix. The two began to discuss how they could build their own company.

our vision

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  • Deliver Superior Products and Service
  • Inspire Change and Passion
  • Burn 212°
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  • Have Meaningful Conversations
  • Foster Positive Experiences
  • Be One Team
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being honest and loyal
  • Lead With Humility
  • Be Self-Aware
  • Build Trust
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upholding our promises
  • Safety Is For Life
  • Value and Develop People
  • Be Financially Responsible

about us

If you live and drive in Northern Virginia, it is safe to say that you are a Superior Paving Corp. customer. We have paved most of the area’s major arteries, including I-66, I-495 and I-95. In fact, VDOT is Superior Paving Corp.’s largest customer. Because hundreds of thousands of travelers move every day on pavement placed by our company, we are dedicated to providing quality paving for the safety of the traveling public.

The reputation we have worked hard to build at Superior Paving Corp. has played a pivotal role in industry organizations like the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) and Virginia Asphalt Association (VAA) for many years. Superior Paving Corp. has been recognized for the quality of its work and the strength of its leadership, employees and customer responsiveness.

selling our mix

selling our mix

Our company’s ten strategically located asphalt plants consistently produce high-quality asphalt blends for projects in Northern Virginia and the surrounnding area. Superior Paving Corp. is also the supplier of choice to many smaller paving companies that buy hot and warm asphalt mix for their own paving jobs. We have developed a strong working relationship with these companies because we understand their need for consistent quality, quick loading and smooth communication.

Approximately 20 different paving companies arrive at Superior Paving Corp. plants each day to load up on asphalt mix for their paving needs. We are grateful for their business and are committed to serving them with the high level of quality they expect.

Over the decades, Superior Paving Corp. has been recognized for the quality of its work, the strength of its leadership in the asphalt industry, and its innovation in new technologies and methods. Here are some of the awards Superior Paving Corp. is proud to claim.