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Our goal is to partner in your success by supplying a

high quality mix for all of your asphalt needs.

plant locations sm9.50A sm12.50A im19.0a bm25.0a ez street
LEESBURG $81.00 $81.00 $81.00 $78.00 NA
BULL RUN $81.00 $81.00 $81.00 $78.00 $175.00
centreville $81.00 $81.00 $81.00 $78.00 $175.00
manassas $81.00 $81.00 $81.00 $81.00 $175.00
warrenton $86.00 $86.00 $86.00 $86.00 NA
bealeton $86.00 $86.00 $86.00 $86.00 NA
culpeper $86.00 $86.00 $86.00 $86.00 NA
fredericksburg $84.00 $84.00 $84.00 $81.00 NA
fredericksburg(City) $84.00 $84.00 $84.00 N/a N/a
SPOTSYLVANIA $84.00 $84.00 $84.00 $81.00 N/a
Gallon Tack Buckets (all plants) $60 bulk tack (centreville) $5.00/GL
  •                 Bagged Asphalt: 50lb Bags $25.00

Call for Pricing

plant locations sm9.50A sm12.50A im19.0a bm25.0a ez street
Piney River NA
Salem NA
Lynchburg NA
  • All mixes not listed will be priced upon request.
  • Night and weekend purchases may be subject to additional fees.
  • All purchases subject to Virginia state sales tax.
  • Payment Terms: NET30 — An interest charge of 1.5% will be assessed to accounts over 30 days.
  • All prices subject to change without notice.
  • All mixes are produced using VDOT-approved materials. If your specific project limits or excludes RAP (Recycled Asphalt Product), please call for adjusted prices.
  • Please give ample notice to plant of mix needs, time of pick-up and Saturday work so that we may provide you superior service.


All 13 Superior Paving Corp. plants supply quality asphalt mix for F.O.B. customers. The same material mix is used on major highways placed by Superior Paving Corp. crews.

Private paving companies trust Superior Paving because:

  • Our mix is consistently of the highest quality.
  • We offer a variety of mixes.
  • We prioritize our F.O.B. clients for fast loading.
  • We provide consistent communication.
  • We focus on client needs and service.