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We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our business, from the material production process to the onsite workmanship. We produce top-quality hot, warm and cold mixes with the skill to lay them down in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


asphalt paving

Since its establishment in 1976, Superior Paving Corp. has maintained a high degree of pride in the quality of its road surfaces. Hundreds of thousands of people drive on our pavement every day, so we take our responsibilities to the public seriously and consider every safety issue.

Whether we are replacing pavement or paving a brand new roadway, Superior Paving Corp. crews are experienced and skilled in the art of laying down asphalt. The team controlling the lay-down of the material must continuously gauge its thickness and make constant adjustments to its equipment. Our crews consider all factors that affect the application of the asphalt surface, including the temperature of the environment and the mix, the consistency of the roadbed and the road grade.

After the mix is correctly dispensed, the roller team applies tons of pressure to make the surface material tight and smooth before it cools and hardens. At each step of the process, Superior Paving Corp.’s crew leader constantly inspects the quality of the road surface, making sure seams are blended and road edges are properly feathered. Anything that is not up to company standards is immediately corrected.



The first step in repaving a road is to remove the top layer of the old asphalt. This requires the use of heavy equipment in a process called milling. A milling machine grinds up the old road material and begins the process of sizing it back into the correct consistency of crushed stone to be reused in the fresh pavement. Milling is often done at night, when traffic is at a minimum. The process requires a highly skilled team that must constantly assess and adapt to the thickness of the existing pavement.

Once the top layer of pavement is removed, the old road material can be mixed with virgin aggregate and liquid asphalt for the next step in repaving – a fresh new layer of asphalt surface.



Superior Paving Corp. has enjoyed decades-long partnership with the Virginia Department of Transportation. We are one of VDOT’s tenured paving contractors, and are regularly employed in the paving and maintenance of Northern Virginia’s public roads.

During the paving season (when weather is favorable), there is almost never a time when Superior Paving Corp. is not actively working on a project for VDOT, our largest client.



Superior Paving Corp. works as a paving contractor to many commercial developers, businesses and community organizations. The following is a list of the types of clients Superior Paving Corp. typically serves:

  • Places of worship
  • Retail and office management companies
  • Homeowners associations
  • Volunteer rescue and fire departments
  • Private airports


Superior Paving Corp. proudly serves the residential marketplace in both new and existing communities. We demonstrate a firm commitment to using superior quality materials for a noticeably better finished product.

In this particular branch of our services, we work directly for housing developers, HOAs, and subcontract to several site contractors. It is imperative that our mix, workmanship, and final product satisfy all parties, from the developer to VDOT all the way to you, the final homeowner.

If you would like to learn more about our residential paving services, please feel free to contact us for details.



Our Slurry Seal comprises a meticulously blended mix of fine aggregate and asphalt emulsion, crafted onsite during the lay-down process. Characterized by its swift, efficient application, the Slurry Seal ensures rapid curing times, significantly reducing inconvenience for the public. Since 1976, Superior Paving Corp. has dedicated itself to crafting road surfaces of unmatched quality, understanding the critical role our pavements play in daily life.

Our commitment to excellence extends through every phase of the paving process. From precise thickness measurements to environmental temperature adjustments, our seasoned crews skillfully manage every detail to ensure optimal application. The Superior Paving team diligently monitors every aspect, ensuring seamless integration of material and technique for a flawless finish.