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Since its establishment in 1976, Superior Paving Corp. has maintained a high degree of pride in the quality of its road surfaces. Hundreds of thousands of people drive on our pavement every day, so we take our responsibilities to the public seriously and consider every safety issue. Whether we are replacing pavement or paving a brand new roadway, Superior Paving Corp. crews are experienced and skilled in the art of laying down asphalt. The team controlling the lay-down of the material must constantly gauge its thickness and make constant adjustments to its equipment.


The first step in repaving a road is to remove the top layer of the old asphalt. This requires the use of heavy equipment in a process called milling. A milling machine scrapes up the old road material and grinds it back into the correct consistency of crushed stone to be reused in the fresh pavement. Milling is often done at night, when traffic is at a minimum. The process requires a highly skilled team that must constantly assess and adapt to the thickness of the existing pavement.


Superior Paving Corp. adheres to its own standards for road quality, standards that are often higher than those of client specifications. We operate on the philosophy that the smoothest road is only as good as its subsurface, so minor dips or imperfections are unacceptable. Our crews carefully grade the roadbed before laying down the appropriate thickness and quality of crushed stone and applying the finishing asphalt layer.

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We care about our customers’ bottom line

While the ten plants of Superior Paving Corp. supply quality asphalt mix for all major highway and road projects, we also sell mixes to local paving companies that use it for their own paving jobs. These customers, known as “FOB” (Freight on Board) customers, arrive daily at our plants to pick up truckloads of our mix.

In The Beginning

In 1976, while America was celebrating its bicentennial, Bob Surface and Bart Mitchell were talking about an exciting idea – to own their own asphalt company in Northern Virginia. Surface had been working for another paving company and decided he wanted to create his own business. He shared his idea with Mitchell, whose business was supplying paving companies with liquid asphalt to manufacture hot mix. The two began to discuss how they could build their own company.

Awards and Recognition

Over the decades, Superior Paving Corp. has been recognized for the quality of its work, the strength of its leadership in the asphalt industry and its innovation in new technologies and methods. Here are some of the awards Superior Paving Corp. is proud to claim.

Superior Values

Through a shared commitment to our values we are dedicated to the uncompromising excellence of our service and products, while taking exceptional care to develop long-lasting relationships. We continually strive to surpass our own accomplishments and to be recognized as the leader in our industry.We continually strive to surpass our own accomplishments and to be recognized as the leader in our industry.

Superior Paving Corp. is one of Northern Virginia’s premier paving and asphalt mix supply companies. Established in 1976, our family-owned company is renowned for its large-scale paving projects for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and other area developers.

Green is Our Color

At Superior Paving Corp., we strive for integrity, honesty, respect and concern for our employees. We are also deeply committed to using green practices, technologies and materials. Our forest green trucks and paving equipment symbolize our pledge to conduct business with minimal impact to our planet. We maintain an aggressive recycling program and constantly investigate and test new asphalt mix designs and application technologies that are better for the environment.

Recycled Asphalt

Superior Paving Corp. is committed to reclaiming as much used asphalt as possible. When it’s time to replace the asphalt on a paved roadway, we mill the old surface and grind the pavement back into crushed stone. With the addition of a little fresh tar, the material is laid down again as new roadway. There is no limit to the number of times asphalt roadway materials can be recycled. Superior Paving Corp. prevents hundreds of thousands of tons of debris from entering landfills with our robust recycling program. 

Warm Mix Technology

One of the asphalt industry’s more recent and environmentally friendly technologies is the use of warm-mix asphalt in paving. Traditional hot-mix asphalt mixtures require a great deal of fuel consumption and increase the production of greenhouse gases. Modern warm-mix asphalt is just as effective and allows us to pave at lower temperatures – a reduction between 50 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm-mix asphalt is an award-winning innovation in construction, and in addition to the ability to pave at lower temperatures includes benefits like better paving compaction and the potential to recycle at higher rates.