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Superior Paving Corp. President and Employees Donate Services to Fauquier Habitat for Humanity

Superior Paving Corp. put goodwill into action when its employees paved a road at no cost to Fauquier Habitat for Humanity in its Sterling Court subdivision.

Warrenton, VA—Over the next few months, six families will move into three brand new duplexes in the Sterling Court subdivision near Academy Hill Drive. In addition to their new homes, residents on Flikeid Lane will enjoy pristine, freshly laid pavement thanks to Superior Paving Corp. The cost to Fauquier Habitat for Humanity, the force behind the Sterling Court project? Nothing.

Back in 2009, Fauquier Habitat began building what would turn out to be a seven-duplex subdivision at Sterling Court. Since its launch in 1991, Fauquier Habitat has built 48 homes and rehabilitated several others to give qualified local families the opportunity to purchase decent, affordable homes. The Sterling Court project wrapped up November 1 of this year, and has provided affordable homes to 14 more families.

“Our applicants undergo an extensive qualification process to be approved to purchase a Habitat home,” explained Executive Director Brenda Drerenberger. “Local businesses sometimes choose to invest hours and resources to help reduce costs for homeowners. Volunteers make up the backbone of our mission.”

One future homeowner is Trinnie Reed, who is working full time as a teacher’s assistant while simultaneously caring for her three-year-old twins and pursuing a master’s degree in school counseling.

“It’s my purpose in life to give back to the kids in the community, to give them a sense of direction and accomplishment,” said Reed. “My grandfather owned a Habitat home, and he passed away in 2008. When I applied, I honestly didn’t think I’d be accepted—it was a long application process. When I got the call from Brenda, I was so excited.”

Reed was also excited to join in the building process with Habitat volunteers and experience the transformation at Sterling Court firsthand. The six-year journey has been one of Fauquier Habitat’s most ambitious endeavors to date.

Back in September 2014, Drerenberger approached Superior Paving President Jim Mitchell to request a quote to do the base paving on Flikeid Lane while construction was still in progress. Mitchell did not give her a quote, but he did do the job.

“Jim just said, ‘We’ll take care of it. We are happy to do it,’” recalls Drerenberger. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Exactly one year later, building on Flikeid Lane was coming to an end. Drerenberger contacted Mitchell again, this time asking for a quote to pave over the base that Superior Paving had laid down the year before. Again, Mitchell told her they would do the job for free.

So the crew rolled up to Flikeid Lane on a Saturday morning. When the foreman learned that Superior Paving was doing the job free of charge for Fauquier Habitat, every single employee followed suit and donated his time for the whole day, never asking to be paid.

“It was a team effort on their part,” said Kim Forsten, president of Fauquier Habitat. “I think that’s reflective of Jim’s spirit of good will. He gives because he wants to help the community; he’s trying to fill a need. His staff respects him enough to share in that giving spirit with him, which is hugely impressive.”

Drerenberger explained that the cost of construction, including the paving of roads, factors into the cost of a mortgage for new homeowners. If Fauquier Habitat had covered the cost of the paving job, Drerenberger said, the families living on Flikeid Lane would have incurred that cost in their mortgages.

“The value of Superior’s donation is somewhere between $40,000-50,000 – a cost that is not going against those houses,” said Drerenberger. “It’s huge savings for these families to have that donation.”

Reed shared her reaction to seeing the finished product:

“I’ve been reporting every tiny detail of this experience back to my family and friends,” she said. “Once I saw the paving, I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this is one of the final steps. I’m getting ready to move into my own house for the first time. This is real.’ Everyone came together to work for the good of the community. And it’s unbelievable to think I had my hands in it and didn’t just have to sit back and watch.”

“I doubt that we know all of the things Jim Mitchell does for our community,” continued Forsten. “I can say for myself being part of Fauquier Habitat for Humanity that I’m quite thankful for him. He’s a special person.”